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Younha Vol. 3: Peace Love & Ice Cream

Younha Vol. 3 - Part A: Peace Love & Ice Cream

RELEASE DATE 2009-04-17
GENRE Pop / Dance
RECORD LABEL Doremi Media Co., Ltd
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윤하 3집 - 파트 A : Peace Love & Ice Cream

01 . Peace Love & Ice Cream
02 . Black Rain
03 . Break Out
04 . 1,2,3
05 . She is
06 . 사랑하다
07 . Luv U Luv U Luv U
08 . My song and...(Korean ver)
09 . 1,2,3(instrumental)
10 . 사랑하다(instrumental)

Peace Love & Ice Cream (Eng Subs) @ Youtube
1,2,3  (Eng Subs) @ Youtube

K-pop sweetheart Younha sings about the three most important things in life - Peace Love & Ice Cream - in her highly anticipated new album. The talented 21-year-old singer has adopted a softer, more feminine look for her album photos, but it's the same strong voice that's leading the way for her third Korean album. Her ten-track release covers acoustic pop, modern rock, and ballads, starting with the charming title song Peace Love & Ice Cream. Other highlights include the powerful rock number Break Out, sensitive ballad "Loves", trendy dance track Luv U Luv U Luv U, and the smooth modern rock number My song and.... April is a very big month for Younha, who has been flying back and forth between Korea and Japan, as her new Japanese movie Next Sunday is also hitting theaters right before her album's release!
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