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Su/Chun Log 12/23

(11:34:59) suparhomo: chunnie~
(11:35:46) chunbunny: Su~
(11:35:58) suparhomo: how are you~ ^o^
(11:36:02) chunbunny: goood
(11:36:13) chunbunny: you? ^o^
(11:36:47) suparhomo: I'm good~
(11:36:53) suparhomo: Bunny im horny :-(
(11:36:56) chunbunny: :O
(11:37:04) chunbunny: Then I'll have to fix that
(11:37:07) suparhomo: *pins* >:]
(11:37:12) chunbunny: OMFG
(11:37:15) chunbunny: *is pinned*
(11:37:21) suparhomo: ...IM SEME NOW CHUN
(11:37:32) chunbunny: ...!
(11:37:38) suparhomo: ...*gropes~*
(11:37:42) chunbunny: *..moans*
(11:38:08) suparhomo: *grins evilly* 8D
(11:38:18) suparhomo: *locks doors so sunnie doesnt get in* :-(
(11:38:32) chunbunny: :3
(11:38:41) suparhomo: ...strip for me chun D:
(11:38:58) chunbunny: *seductively strips for su~*
(11:39:11) suparhomo: *watches happily and gets hornier* :-(
(11:39:17) suparhomo: take them off already~
(11:39:28) chunbunny: *works his pants down*
(11:41:03) suparhomo: *impatient and strips himself*
(11:42:00) suparhomo: ..*pins chun* :-(spread those legs chun
(11:42:12) chunbunny: *spreads like a good little chun*
(11:42:38) suparhomo: *pets* good 8D *thrusts into all manly-likeish*
(11:43:15) chunbunny: *cries out*
(11:43:55) chunbunny: *groaning*
(11:44:27) suparhomo: *pounds* say my name ho :-(
(11:45:04) chunbunny: Suuuuuuuuuu~ *bucking his hips up against him*
(11:46:12) suparhomo: *grins and kisses him still thrusting* you have to come first~
(11:53:34) chunbunny: *moaning loud, pumps himself*
(11:54:20) suparhomo: *pouts and does it for him~*
(11:57:15) chunbunny: *cums~*
(11:57:47) suparhomo: *thrusts harder and cums too~*
(11:57:58) suparhomo: *flops ontop of chun*
(11:58:00) suparhomo: well..
(11:58:06) suparhomo: that was different?
(11:58:06) chunbunny: *panting*
(11:58:31) suparhomo: *kissu*
(11:58:44) chunbunny: *kissus back*
(11:59:02) suparhomo: *sits up and panics* I wasn't too rough was i chun? :-(
(11:59:33) chunbunny: No it was good
(11:59:41) chunbunny: I liked it
(11:59:53) suparhomo: :-DDD
(11:59:56) suparhomo: Yay~
(12:00:44) chunbunny: you're a good seme
(12:00:56) suparhomo: *slightly scared* Why thank you chun~
(12:01:29) chunbunny: *pats his head*
(12:01:35) suparhomo:'re not gonna turn uke fabulous on me are you? D:
(12:01:38) suparhomo: *purrs*
(12:01:44) chunbunny: No
(12:01:47) chunbunny: but we can take turns
(12:02:13) suparhomo: ok.
(12:02:32) suparhomo: i hope sunnie didnt hear you saying my name god
(12:02:50) suparhomo: last time we fiffed she asked were you hurting me :-(
(12:02:52) chunbunny: She's sleeping
(12:03:19) suparhomo: Oh good.
(12:04:15) suparhomo: *pokes chuns nipple randomly*
(12:04:23) suparhomo: you have nice nips chun :-)
(12:07:11) chunbunny: Thank you <3
(12:07:17) suparhomo: yw
(12:08:50) chunbunny: *kissu*
(12:09:15) suparhomo: *kissu~* ilu chun
(12:09:29) suparhomo: i honestly dont know why i was seme D:
(12:09:36) suparhomo: Im scared ;_;
(12:09:38) chunbunny: ilu too.
(12:09:39) chunbunny: aww
(12:09:40) chunbunny: its okay
(12:09:47) chunbunny: maybe you justhad a manrii urge
(12:09:56) suparhomo: ..I'm manrii? D:
(12:10:04) suparhomo: i hope im not pregnant again ._.
(12:10:14) suparhomo: hormones drive me nuts
(12:10:26) suparhomo: but i guess since i am a man i get manrii urges :-(
(12:10:42) chunbunny: Yes
(12:10:44) chunbunny: its all normal
(12:10:55) suparhomo: ..some people would say we're not normal D8
(12:11:08) chunbunny: Fuck some people :3
(12:11:28) suparhomo: but i only want to fuck you chun :3
(12:11:35) suparhomo: i fucked by you :3
(12:11:41) chunbunny: *laughs*
(12:11:50) suparhomo: dont laugh at me ;_;
(12:12:27) suparhomo: Hey chun maybe we should go on a nudist holiday since we do seem be naked a lot
(12:12:36) suparhomo: and it doesnt scare sunnie
(12:12:39) suparhomo: *+to be
(12:12:40) chunbunny: Maybe we should
(12:12:46) chunbunny: thats a good idea
(12:12:52) suparhomo: i like being naked ^o^
(12:13:18) suparhomo: wont check out other guy's asses will you? :'(
(12:15:07) chunbunny: no i wont
(12:15:45) suparhomo: promise? :-(
(12:16:35) chunbunny: promise
(12:16:39) chunbunny: or you can castrate me
(12:16:56) suparhomo: ok :-DD
(12:17:00) suparhomo: wait chun D8
(12:17:08) suparhomo: what if,...sunnie sees other mums with their kids
(12:17:11) suparhomo: and then she looks at me
(12:17:14) suparhomo: and omg D:
(12:17:31) suparhomo: ..maybe we should go on a gay cruise? :-(
(12:18:46) chunbunny: If you want to
(12:22:29) suparhomo: CHUNNNNN
(12:22:33) suparhomo: LETS GO SEE THE WHALEESS
(12:22:38) suparhomo: I wanna see the dolphins~
(12:28:50) suparhomo: and im sure sunnie does
(12:28:55) suparhomo: everyone likes dolphin
(12:28:58) suparhomo: +s
(12:29:00) chunbunny: Alright
(12:29:04) suparhomo: YAY
(12:31:05) chunbunny: *books a cruise*
(12:31:49) suparhomo: *dolphin squeal of happiness*
(12:32:01) suparhomo: I'LL GO TELL SUNNIE *RUNS OUT OF ROOM NEKKID* :-)
(13:09:14) suparhomo: so i told sunnie :-)
(13:09:17) suparhomo: she screamed
(13:09:28) suparhomo: i dunno if it was because i was naked or bcause she was excited though :-(
(13:09:34) chunbunny: XD.
(13:09:43) chunbunny: Tell her again when you're clothed
(13:09:47) suparhomo: Ok
(13:09:53) suparhomo: *puts on clothes* :3
(13:12:10) suparhomo: what doy ou want for xmas chun? D:
(13:12:38) chunbunny: you already gave me my christmas present
(13:12:52) suparhomo: oh yeah
(13:12:58) suparhomo: well one more wont hurt? :-)
(13:13:38) chunbunny: Umm
(13:16:02) chunbunny: I dont know
(13:16:08) suparhomo: ok~
(13:16:22) chunbunny: surprise me
(13:16:34) suparhomo: ...*gives coupons for sex*
(13:16:42) suparhomo: redeem them before june 2007
(13:16:51) chunbunny: ok :D
(13:22:29) suparhomo: chun
(13:22:40) suparhomo: has anyone else been seme with you before? D:
(13:27:40) chunbunny: No
(13:28:23) suparhomo: ...
(13:28:53) suparhomo: I took chunnie's viginity? D8
(13:29:01) suparhomo: *virginity
(13:30:24) chunbunny: *nods*
(13:30:52) suparhomo: ohhhhhhhhh *holds*
(13:30:58) chunbunny: *cuddles*
(13:34:27) suparhomo: im sorry~ :-(
(13:35:12) chunbunny: dont be sorry. you're the only one that i wanted to do it
(13:35:34) suparhomo: *blushes* thats so sweet chun~
(13:35:54) chunbunny: :)
(13:37:22) suparhomo: as long as i didnt hurt you i dont care :-(
(13:43:04) chunbunny: you didnt hurt me
(13:43:14) suparhomo: ok :-)
Tags: junsu, yoochun
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