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This has some x-rated things with Donghae and Jaejoong. Not much though.
This is funny for what JJ is doing during the time he's suppose to be loving on Donghae.  Enjoy.
"Donghae": I went out earlier and, um, bought something for Fluffy
angrylionhero: oh?
angrylionhero: what is it?
"Donghae": Well, I really wasn't sure what to get him! So um....its nothing big or amazing! But its the thought that counts?
angrylionhero: ok...
"Donghae": *hands Jae a pink bag of hair clips for Fluffy*
angrylionhero: hair clips?
angrylionhero: hiw cute~~~
"Donghae": *nervous*
angrylionhero: how*
"Donghae": think so?
angrylionhero: yes
angrylionhero: Thankies
"Donghae": oh! I'm so glad you like them! I really wanted to buy Fluffy something special!
angrylionhero: thankies
angrylionhero: That was so sweet of you Donghae
angrylionhero: saranghae
"Donghae": ^___^  *kisses cheek* saranghae yo, Jae~
angrylionhero: ^___________________^
"Donghae": that's a large smile!
angrylionhero: That's cuz I'm very happy
"Donghae": And when you're happy, I am happy!!
angrylionhero: ^^
"Donghae": I like to see you smile, Jae~
angrylionhero: oh *blushes*
"Donghae": *hugs tight* I think you have one of the nicest smiles ever!
angrylionhero: *hugs back*
angrylionhero: thankies
"Donghae": I mean it~
angrylionhero: oh hehe
"Donghae": ^___^
"Donghae": andandand Jae, I wanted to show you how much I love you, so....
"Donghae": *bites lip nervously*
angrylionhero: so?
"Donghae": so I bought you these!! *hands Jae flowers*
angrylionhero: O.O
angrylionhero: so pretty
"Donghae": I didn't know which ones were your favourites, so I bought all the prettiest ones instead!
angrylionhero: <3!!!!!!!!!!1
"Donghae": You like them then? *still nervous*
angrylionhero: of course
"Donghae": oh! Good! ^__^
angrylionhero: ^^
"Donghae": I love you, Jae~
angrylionhero: I love you too
"Donghae": .....*kisses*
angrylionhero: *kisses back*
"Donghae": *pulls closer*
angrylionhero: *wraps arms around waist*
"Donghae": *slips arms around neck and kisses more*
angrylionhero: ^________^
"Donghae": Mmm Jae~ you taste yummy *grins*
angrylionhero: *blushes*
"Donghae": *kisses again* really yummy~
angrylionhero: ^_^
angrylionhero: but you know what is even more yummy?
"Donghae": what?
angrylionhero: you *pounces*
"Donghae": me?! *blushes*
angrylionhero: Don't worry I have protection *reaches in pocket and pulls out a lolipop* oh how did that get there?
"Donghae": *giggles*
angrylionhero: uhh *reaches in other pocket and pulls out a condom*
angrylionhero: Yes
"Donghae": oh! You're very well prepared, aren't you~
angrylionhero: I just got this from some crazy lady who was passing them out saying SAFE SEX
angrylionhero: ....
angrylionhero: I should thank her later *looks at package..It says SSS on the front*
angrylionhero: SSS
"Donghae": it almost seems like it was fated! what luck!
angrylionhero: Safe sex...Shiwon?
angrylionhero: >.>
"Donghae": ...Shiwon? What does he have to do with anything?
angrylionhero: Well it says SSS
angrylionhero: Safe Sex...
angrylionhero: Sungmin
angrylionhero: Safe Sex...
"Donghae": Jae
angrylionhero: what?
"Donghae": Are you gonna keep talking, or are you gonna use that thing? ^_~
angrylionhero: Oh right.
angrylionhero: *takes off clothing and rips open package...Then reads back*
angrylionhero: Take side A
angrylionhero: and
angrylionhero: ...
angrylionhero: ok
angrylionhero: *follows instructions*
"Donghae": Jae, I know how to use a condom, you dont need the instructions
angrylionhero: ummm oh
angrylionhero: I got it on
angrylionhero: see
angrylionhero: ^_^
"Donghae": *takes off clothes and pulls Jae closer*
"Donghae": well done~
angrylionhero: ^_^
angrylionhero: I'm a good boy
"Donghae": You'll be even better when you put that to good use~
angrylionhero: oh ok...well spread em
angrylionhero: I mean
angrylionhero: yeah
angrylionhero: ...
"Donghae": *spreads legs*
angrylionhero: *enters*
"Donghae": *moans*
angrylionhero: *thrusts*
"Donghae": *clings*
angrylionhero: * Sits up and pulls hae with him. Starts moving hae's body*
"Donghae": *gasps out Jae's name*
angrylionhero: *........starts wondering about Fluffy........Did he leave the iron on?? And what was with that random lady?*
"Donghae": *clutches at Jae's shoulders, moving with him*
angrylionhero: *Still thrusting but started to notice that there is a mirror on the other side of the room*
"Donghae": *rakes nails down Jae's back and kisses, hard*
angrylionhero: *Kisses back and looks back at the mirror. He sees himself and damn does he look hott in that mirror. Man, he wouldn't mind being done by himself. He is one sexy SOB.....He is turned on more*
angrylionhero: *licks Donghae's neck and nibbles a bit. Winks at himself in the mirror*
angrylionhero: you are so sexy
angrylionhero: *speeds up*
"Donghae": *moans loudly and clutches Jae tighter*
angrylionhero: *almost there*
"Donghae": Nn, Jae, harder *gasps breathlessly*
angrylionhero: *thinks of that danish shop....Lies Donghae on his back and thrusts harder....Stupid danish shop*
"Donghae": *plays with one of Jae's nipples and presses kisses to his neck*
angrylionhero: *at his limit.....and....*
angrylionhero: *cums*
"Donghae": *moans Jae's name and orgasms*
angrylionhero: CHEESE DANISH!!!!
angrylionhero: ........
angrylionhero: .....
angrylionhero: ...
"Donghae": ..........
angrylionhero: maybe that isn't the best thing to say during an orgasm
"Donghae": .........
angrylionhero: ....
angrylionhero: *stupid danish shop*
"Donghae": you.....were thinking about food?!
angrylionhero: I was thinking of a lot of things
"Donghae": .....
angrylionhero: but yeah the ending was food
angrylionhero: I multitask

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