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This... this is just crazyness. Watch out for buttsecks and other X-Rated things D:

(20:58:50) chunbunny entered the room.
(20:59:06) lebuttinspecteur entered the room.
(20:59:07) suparhomo entered the room.
(20:59:17) chunbunny: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE :(
(20:59:33) lebuttinspecteur: ?
(20:59:41) lebuttinspecteur: WHAT DO YOU MEAN
(20:59:44) chunbunny: YEHSUNG
(20:59:52) chunbunny: YOU ARE TRYING TO SEX MY HUSBAND
(20:59:59) chunbunny: MY PSYCHIC ABILITIES TOLD ME SO
(21:00:06) lebuttinspecteur: *sexes junsu* :(
(21:00:07) lebuttinspecteur: ...NO
(21:00:09) lebuttinspecteur: I AM NOT
(21:00:11) chunbunny: HAY THAR
(21:00:20) suparhomo: *has hands full* :'(
(21:00:22) chunbunny: YOU JUST DID
(21:00:33) Unable to send message. The message is too large.
(21:00:39) lebuttinspecteur: *moan* :'(
(21:00:45) lebuttinspecteur: I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING ON ABOUT
(21:00:48) chunbunny: WHAT
(21:00:59) chunbunny: *PULLS YEHSUNG AWAY FROM JUNSU*
(21:01:17) suparhomo: ...*BAWLS* BUT MY ERECTION :'(
(21:01:19) lebuttinspecteur: *WHIMPERS* :(
(21:01:46) chunbunny: I WILL NOT LET YOU SEX MY HUSBAND
(21:01:54) chunbunny: :'(
(21:01:54) lebuttinspecteur: BUT MY ERECTION :'(
(21:02:02) chunbunny: GO FUCK A TURKEY
(21:02:17) lebuttinspecteur: NO I'M NOT INTO BEASTIALITY
(21:02:28) chunbunny: YOU'RE A HO YOU'RE INTO EVERYTHING
(21:02:42) lebuttinspecteur: BUT I AM INTO BUNNIES ;D
(21:02:44) suparhomo: *cries*
(21:02:45) lebuttinspecteur: ...NOT TRUE
(21:03:04) chunbunny: Look Yehsung you made Junsu cry
(21:03:24) lebuttinspecteur: no you made him cry.
(21:03:32) lebuttinspecteur: he was totally enjoying me touching him and stuff
(21:03:36) lebuttinspecteur: then you had to come and ruin it
(21:03:37) lebuttinspecteur: :(
(21:03:45) suparhomo: all this not sexing is making me cry
(21:03:59) suparhomo: cant we all just sex and get along :-(
(21:04:01) chunbunny: *DIVA STOMP*
(21:04:07) lebuttinspecteur: *goes back to sexing junsu* :'(
(21:04:18) suparhomo: Chunnie~ *paws at*
(21:04:23) chunbunny: :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
(21:04:58) suparhomo: CHUNNNIEEEE~~ *STROKES* :'(
(21:05:18) chunbunny: *MOANS*:'(
(21:05:42) chunbunny: THIS BETTER NOT BE PITY STROKING
(21:05:43) lebuttinspecteur: ...:'(!
(21:05:46) suparhomo: NO
(21:05:52) suparhomo: its horny stroking :-(
(21:05:54) chunbunny: OH FUCK THIS LETS HAVE A THERESOME
(21:05:59) chunbunny: *THREE
(21:06:00) suparhomo: FUCK YES
(21:06:00) chunbunny: SOME
(21:06:04) suparhomo: :-D
(21:06:09) lebuttinspecteur: ...KAY
(21:06:17) chunbunny: *gets naked*
(21:06:25) suparhomo: *strips too~*
(21:06:57) lebuttinspecteur: *naked!*
(21:07:41) chunbunny: *strokes both junsu and yehsung* ^w^
(21:07:55) suparhomo: *giggles and moans*
(21:08:04) suparhomo: *is such an uke bitch omg <3*
(21:08:08) lebuttinspecteur: *moans* <3
(21:10:44) chunbunny: *strokestroke*
(21:10:53) chunbunny: *pumps up the jam*
(21:13:17) suparhomo: *strokes chun~*
(21:16:31) chunbunny: *moans~*
(21:17:25) suparhomo: *plays with blingblingballs* ;D
(21:21:32) chunbunny: *moans louder* <3~ Oh Su :D
(21:21:43) chunbunny: *pumps Yeh's cock muhaha*
(21:23:08) suparhomo: *sucks on chuns~* :-)
(21:24:25) chunbunny: Mm Su~
(21:25:01) suparhomo: *smirks and licks it up and down~8
(21:26:19) lebuttinspecteur: *UM, MOANS AND STUFF?*
(21:32:30) chunbunny: BEND OVAR.
(21:32:47) lebuttinspecteur: WHO
(21:33:13) chunbunny: Whoever wants Chun
(21:34:07) suparhomo: *looks around*
(21:34:12) suparhomo: um i guess that would be me~
(21:35:17) suparhomo: *bends over* :-)
(21:35:38) chunbunny: Yehsung do you happen to have any lubricant?
(21:35:40) chunbunny: >d
(21:37:25) chunbunny: *shrugs and spits on his cock for lube, thrusts inside Su~* <3~
(21:37:50) lebuttinspecteur: ...Yes, I do infact. But you already went on ahead so.... 8DD
(21:38:29) chunbunny: *pulls out* Gimme. It has to be like a slip n slide
(21:39:07) lebuttinspecteur: *hands it ovar* ;D
(21:39:38) chunbunny: *JIFFY LUBES IT UPp*
(21:39:52) chunbunny: *slip n slides inside Su~* there we go
(21:41:34) suparhomo: *groans loudly and kisses yeh*
(21:43:04) lebuttinspecteur: *kisses back and pumps junsu's cock~*
(21:43:09) chunbunny: *thrusts deeply into Su~* Oh yeah.
(21:45:31) suparhomo: *whimpers happily and clings to yeh, biting his shoulder<3~*
(21:47:41) chunbunny: *moaning, thrusts harder into Su~*
(21:48:12) lebuttinspecteur: *strokes Su faster* <3
(21:48:48) chunbunny: This is better than any blingblingball *thrustthrustthrust*
(21:49:49) suparhomo: *still gasping and moaning, almost uncontrollably~*
(21:50:31) chunbunny: *holds Su by the waist and hammers into him*
(21:52:51) suparhomo: *mewls and cries out unable to hold it in* chun~~
(21:53:22) lebuttinspecteur: *pumppump*
(21:55:37) chunbunny: *moans loud, getting close* Yeaa~
(21:57:02) suparhomo: *clings to yehsung and cums* oh my god~~ *shaking*
(21:58:32) chunbunny: *grunts as he cums inside of Su* Mmmmm :-D
(22:00:03) suparhomo: *looks back at chun drowsily* slip and slide baby~?
(22:00:08) suparhomo: [[lmfao XD]]
(22:01:04) chunbunny: Best slide ver.
(22:01:06) chunbunny: *ever
(22:02:35) suparhomo: :-D
(22:03:02) chunbunny: Yehsung would you like a taste of bunny~
(22:03:29) lebuttinspecteur: ...Yes~ :(
(22:04:11) chunbunny: BEND OVAR
(22:04:37) lebuttinspecteur: *BENDS LIKE THE WHORE HE IS D8*
(22:04:47) chunbunny: *THRUSTS IN TO*
(22:05:22) lebuttinspecteur: *GROANS*
(22:05:55) chunbunny: Not as loose as i expected *thrustthrust*
(22:06:42) lebuttinspecteur: I'm not always bottom~~ *moanmoan*
(22:06:45) suparhomo: mm, *pets yehsung on the cheek and watches* looser than me bunny~?
(22:07:39) chunbunny: About the same~ *moans*
(22:08:57) lebuttinspecteur: *...BZZTS*
(22:10:25) chunbunny: *pounds Yehsung* :(
(22:10:45) suparhomo: *pouts* the baby loosened it up~
(22:11:57) chunbunny: Of course it did *moans louder* Yeaa~
(22:13:20) lebuttinspecteur: <33 mmm. *moans more, close omfg*
(22:13:56) suparhomo: *still watches*
(22:14:27) chunbunny: *reaches under Yeh and strokes while thrusting hard.* :D
(22:16:19) lebuttinspecteur: *omfg orgasms*
(22:17:02) suparhomo: hathat your face is funny when you come yehsung **gets up**
(22:17:30) chunbunny: *cums a minute or so later!* =-O
(22:17:57) suparhomo: **kisses chun and eats his face off almost<3**
(22:18:02) lebuttinspecteur: shut up, junsu :'(
(22:18:11) chunbunny: *omfg kisses back*
(22:18:22) suparhomo: that was good~~
(22:18:45) suparhomo: just got fucked by my husband yehsung be priveliged
(22:18:54) chunbunny: im glad you enjoyed it ;D
(22:19:03) suparhomo: I always do~ ;D
(22:19:20) suparhomo: *tries to tighten up after having baby D8*
(22:21:16) chunbunny: D:
(22:22:50) suparhomo: whats wrong chunie~?
(22:24:11) chunbunny: nothing
(22:24:19) suparhomo: good
(22:24:28) chunbunny: :D
(22:24:35) suparhomo: Arghhh
(22:24:38) suparhomo: Sunnie woke up~
(22:24:52) suparhomo: *shoves on clothes and goes to her D:*
(22:27:21) suparhomo: chun D:
(22:27:39) suparhomo: She coughed up a bunny ear :-( our baby is a cannibal
(22:28:18) chunbunny: D:!!
(22:28:41) suparhomo: should i call a priest
(22:28:43) chunbunny: It's just a stage. She'll grow out of it
(22:28:43) suparhomo: wtf do i do
(22:28:51) chunbunny: Dont freak out
(22:29:08) suparhomo: ...what if she eats a lamb :-(
(22:29:15) suparhomo: What if she eats us
(22:31:19) chunbunny: Unless she starts eating real flesh
(22:31:23) chunbunny: dont worry about it.
(22:31:32) chunbunny: It was just my lilttle bunny ear... *bottom lip quivvers*
(22:32:09) suparhomo: ohhh *holds and pets chun*
(22:32:45) chunbunny: *cry*
(22:32:47) suparhomo: you're so cute when you're upset~
(22:32:54) suparhomo: Wah *comforts*
(22:33:08) chunbunny: *clings*
(22:33:11) suparhomo: She's giving me the eye chun omfg
(22:33:24) suparhomo: she's calculating my cooking time jfkajfka
(22:33:28) chunbunny: is her head spinning around?
(22:33:32) suparhomo: No
(22:33:37) chunbunny: oh
(22:34:05) suparhomo: she's in her crib sleeping
(22:34:14) suparhomo: or so she wants us to think D:
(22:35:28) suparhomo: its probably just a stage~
(22:35:40) chunbunny: Yeah
(22:35:45) chunbunny: babies eat everything
(22:35:48) suparhomo: *puts on lamb ears to cheer you up* :-)
(22:35:53) suparhomo: Yes they do~
(22:36:28) suparhomo: YEHSUNG
(22:36:32) lebuttinspecteur: Hm?
(22:36:33) suparhomo: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BABY
(22:36:48) lebuttinspecteur: Uh, nothing actually.
(22:36:52) suparhomo: Oh
(22:36:56) suparhomo: well thats ok then
(22:37:10) lebuttinspecteur: Why? What's wrong with her?
(22:37:22) suparhomo: ...she ate her daddy's bunny ears :-(
(22:37:41) chunbunny: T_T.
(22:37:44) suparhomo: Am I a bad mother? :'(
(22:37:49) suparhomo: Is this my fault? :'(
(22:38:01) chunbunny: No. it's no ones fault
(22:38:04) chunbunny: its just a stage
(22:38:08) lebuttinspecteur: Ohh.
(22:38:13) suparhomo: She sees she grabs she eats D:
(22:38:22) lebuttinspecteur: No, it's not your fault. <3 Like Yoochun said, it's probably just a stage.
(22:38:59) suparhomo: like the stage where you got fucked my husband? :-)
(22:39:11) suparhomo: *gives chun new bunny ears <3*
(22:39:24) chunbunny: YAY *wears*
(22:39:30) lebuttinspecteur: ...Stfu, that never happened.
(22:39:31) suparhomo: *claps*
(22:39:36) suparhomo: ...Oh yes it did~
(22:39:41) chunbunny: *does the bunny dance*
(22:39:44) suparhomo: And I'm telling all your little friends~
(22:39:55) lebuttinspecteur: WHAT
(22:39:55) lebuttinspecteur: NO
(22:39:58) suparhomo: *spazzes at bunny dance*
(22:40:03) suparhomo: cuuttteee
(22:40:11) suparhomo: *glomps chun*<3
(22:40:15) lebuttinspecteur: :(
(22:40:18) chunbunny: *falls over*
(22:40:21) lebuttinspecteur: *POUTS*
(22:40:30) suparhomo: ...stop pouting husband fucker :-(
(22:40:49) lebuttinspecteur: ...he fucked me. :( *pouts more*
(22:41:04) suparhomo: yes~
(22:41:24) suparhomo: and you made this face *imitates*
(22:41:49) lebuttinspecteur: shut up. my sex faces are godly. :'(
(22:43:22) chunbunny: my penis is godly
(22:44:24) suparhomo: hells yeah~
(22:44:39) chunbunny: and so are my blingblingballs
(22:45:25) suparhomo: mmhmm#
(22:45:34) suparhomo: yeh knows that~ dont you yeh~?
(22:45:44) lebuttinspecteur: ..fuck off.
(22:45:58) chunbunny: jingle jingle jingle
(22:46:24) suparhomo: ...don't be rude ;_;
(22:46:40) chunbunny: ;_; yeh D:
(22:46:43) lebuttinspecteur: don't be a bitch :)
(22:46:45) lebuttinspecteur: ...what? :(
(22:46:48) suparhomo: jingle bells~ jingle bells, jingle all the way~
(22:46:56) suparhomo: ...
(22:47:03) suparhomo: ...
(22:47:08) chunbunny: junsu = bitch.
(22:47:09) suparhomo: but i am a bitch
(22:47:14) suparhomo: i cant help it
(22:47:23) suparhomo: my dna is 99.9% bitch :-(
(22:47:30) lebuttinspecteur: then don't be a ho >:o
(22:47:35) suparhomo: ...I AM NOT A HO
(22:47:42) suparhomo: I HAVE ONLY SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND D:
(22:47:46) suparhomo: so nyaa
(22:47:49) lebuttinspecteur: ...
(22:47:50) lebuttinspecteur: liar.
(22:47:52) suparhomo: ..
(22:48:03) suparhomo: who else did i sleep with all knowing one D:
(22:48:08) lebuttinspecteur: me
(22:48:10) lebuttinspecteur: remember?
(22:48:12) suparhomo: ..
(22:48:29) suparhomo: Oh what that annoying pinch at my ass? :-(
(22:48:40) chunbunny: hathat
(22:48:43) suparhomo: in the dark?
(22:49:00) suparhomo: :-D *cuddles chun* Chu~
(22:49:07) lebuttinspecteur: >|
(22:49:35) suparhomo: only messin yeh :-(
(22:49:45) lebuttinspecteur: no you're not :'(
(22:49:51) suparhomo: ...dont be emo~
(22:49:57) lebuttinspecteur: *EMOEMO*
(22:50:16) suparhomo: You'll wake up sunnie with your emo D:
(22:50:49) chunbunny: *cuddles*
(22:51:10) suparhomo: *makes cute lamb faces~*
(22:51:22) chunbunny: Aw you cutie patootie
(22:51:34) chunbunny: Chun'slittle wamby
(22:52:00) suparhomo: baa~ *still be's cute*
(22:52:18) suparhomo: Yehhhh~
(22:52:26) suparhomo: Ichigo? *gives strawberries*
(22:52:50) chunbunny: *eats*
(22:53:34) suparhomo: *puts sunnie in bunny outift* LOOK JUST LIKE HER DADDY SEE
(22:55:27) lebuttinspecteur: *vomits*
(22:55:31) chunbunny: AWW MY BABY
(22:55:44) chunbunny: *holds her*
(22:55:51) suparhomo: *awws*
(22:55:57) suparhomo: ...clean that up yehsung
(22:56:13) chunbunny: *holds like picture!*
(22:56:28) lebuttinspecteur: no.
(22:56:32) suparhomo: AWW
(22:56:35) suparhomo: ...
(22:56:39) lebuttinspecteur: ...
(22:57:09) suparhomo: clean it up :-(
(22:57:21) lebuttinspecteur: *CLEANS IT UP*
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