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another wow

This is a very random conversation. To make things clearer in this very confusing log, I'll explain a few things. JJ's dog lost a contest where a poodle named Changmin won first prize. JJ was suspicious cuz the dog appeared to be human sized but whatevers. Also JJ found a note where there was a pink heart on a piece of paper...Donghae said it was from him.

Heart Drama: Contains Jaemin (That's right JAEMIN), a Changmin vz Donghae cat fight, Brian proposing to Rose and some other random crap



EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
princeofdisney: hi Jongsoo
EaglerrEyes: I have come to spread the love of the holidays
angrylionhero: >.>
angrylionhero: umm ok
superhaero: ?
EaglerrEyes: and... Jae. I must apologize
angrylionhero: Why?
EaglerrEyes: I made your Fluffy lose
EaglerrEyes: bianghae
angrylionhero: What?
angrylionhero: how?
superhaero: :o
princeofdisney: this is getting interesting
EaglerrEyes: I was that lovely poodle... and since you look like you are about to hit me I shall run
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
angrylionhero: But his name was Changmin?
angrylionhero: wtf
angrylionhero: Donghae....
superhaero: Jae?
angrylionhero: Fluffy should have won that competition
angrylionhero: but Jongsoo ruined it
angrylionhero: T^T
superhaero: *hugs*
superhaero: you know who the real winner is!
angrylionhero: yeah
ChangmintotheMax has entered the room.
angrylionhero: *hugs back*
ChangmintotheMax: why is jong soo running around yelling "I'm the poodle, Changming"
princeofdisney: Changmin...
ChangmintotheMax: why is he yelling my name?
angrylionhero: >.>
angrylionhero: The poodle was named Changmin
ChangmintotheMax: what poodle?
angrylionhero: That's not important
ChangmintotheMax: oh.. change of subject. but did you get the message i gave you ok?
angrylionhero: Message?
ChangmintotheMax: the heart
angrylionhero: I thought Donghae made that
princeofdisney: Oh oh drama
princeofdisney: wait a minute...the heart?
ChangmintotheMax: i was the one who handed it to you
superhaero: :o
ChangmintotheMax: ::leaves room crying::
angrylionhero: yeah but you said you found it outside
ChangmintotheMax has left the room.
princeofdisney: Hey I made that heart
angrylionhero: wtf Brian
EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
princeofdisney: Yes I put my heart in soul in that heart...Changmin lies
angrylionhero: O.o
superhaero: I made it though!
EaglerrEyes: so changmin just pushed me and said he made that heart
EaglerrEyes: and he was crying too
angrylionhero: Yeah Donghae made it
EaglerrEyes: are you talking about the pink heart that i made for jae joong?
angrylionhero: How do you know it was pink
princeofdisney: anyone could guess that it was pink
princeofdisney: and I made it
superhaero: I'm getting so confused ;__;
EaglerrEyes: well Jae joong favorite color of the month is pink
angrylionhero: >.> wtf
EaglerrEyes: hold on someone's knocking on the door... i shall return to spread more holiday love and prove the heart was made by me
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
angrylionhero: ummm right
princeofdisney: I totally made it though
ChangmintotheMax has entered the room.
superhaero: T_T
angrylionhero: I trust Donghae made it
ChangmintotheMax: haha. that was me knocking on the door. i lock jong soo out. one less person i have to worry about trying to take the credit for the heart i made
angrylionhero: XD wtf
princeofdisney: Changmin you are doing this to me because of what we had
princeofdisney: aren't you
ChangmintotheMax: Jae joong. I wanted to prove my love for you and prove that i no longer have feelings for brian
xPrincessRosexx: I made that heart T_T
superhaero: ..... .__.
angrylionhero: wtf Rose
princeofdisney: No...You are lying Changmin it was obviously the heart I made
ChangmintotheMax: how could brian have made it...? he's been trying to get in the other guys' pants
princeofdisney: With my colour pencils
princeofdisney: .....
princeofdisney: point taken but still
xPrincessRosexx: wha? but I did <.<
ChangmintotheMax: but the heart was cut out of pink paper and pasted onto a white sheet
princeofdisney: oh....damn
angrylionhero: Ok so Brian has been ruled out
ChangmintotheMax: haha... that's two people denied from the credit
xPrincessRosexx: hmm..white sheets bring out the pink more
ChangmintotheMax: hold on... i heard a window crash
ChangmintotheMax has left the room.
angrylionhero: Wtf is going on
angrylionhero: Donghae
EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
superhaero: >.<
princeofdisney: So Rose....
EaglerrEyes: i'm sorry jae joong from smashing your window...
angrylionhero: >.<
angrylionhero: you are going to pay for that window
EaglerrEyes: but i had to come in and confess my love
xPrincessRosexx: yes?
EaglerrEyes: Changmin locked me out
xPrincessRosexx: wha the window?!
princeofdisney: You're a princess, I'm a prince....
angrylionhero: Oh he did?
EaglerrEyes: yes
angrylionhero: ....
superhaero: all this confusion makes my head hurt! I have to go nap, or something >___<
angrylionhero: Wait a minute
EaglerrEyes: and now he is laying in... i mean picking up the broken shards
angrylionhero: >.>
EaglerrEyes: what?
angrylionhero: you hurt poor minnie
princeofdisney: yeah that poor guy
EaglerrEyes: he's getting up... brb... i'm gonna punch him
angrylionhero: stay out of this brian
EaglerrEyes: i mean help him
angrylionhero: Wtf
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
ChangmintotheMax has entered the room.
ChangmintotheMax: jong soo just punched m..... ::passes out on the floor::
princeofdisney: Ok I have come to the conclusion that Rose and I should sing beautiful music together
ChangmintotheMax has left the room.
angrylionhero: Wtf
EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
angrylionhero: Wait a minute. Stop all of this!
EaglerrEyes: ::starts kicking changmin::
EaglerrEyes: stop what?
angrylionhero: I remember who made that heart
EaglerrEyes: I did right!
princeofdisney: me!
EaglerrEyes: ::stops kicking changmin
EaglerrEyes: ::
EaglerrEyes: **
angrylionhero: you were disqualified
princeofdisney: oh
angrylionhero: It was me
angrylionhero: I was drunk on that funky pie
EaglerrEyes: As long as Eeteuk doesn't hear about this... I'm fine
angrylionhero: and I made the heart myself
angrylionhero: oh he will Jongsoo he will
superhaero: ._.
xPrincessRosexx: T_T am I going to fix the window *sighs*
angrylionhero: I am flattered that Donghae wanted it to be him
EaglerrEyes: well, gotta go... oops... *runs into wall and passes out*
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
angrylionhero: in fact...I love him more
angrylionhero: wtf Jongsoo
superhaero: ....really? >_>
ChangmintotheMax has entered the room.
angrylionhero: took a big leap there
angrylionhero: <3
superhaero: oh, well..... <3
princeofdisney: poor Rose
ChangmintotheMax: *wakes up* so have y'all finally found out that I gave that heart to jae joong
princeofdisney: let me help you my queen
angrylionhero: ummm
xPrincessRosexx: I'll get a replacement window *walks off sadly*
angrylionhero: it was me who made the heart Changmin
princeofdisney: *follows Rose*
ChangmintotheMax: *looks at floor* but i still gave it to you... it went from my hand to yours
ChangmintotheMax: with love
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... friendship
angrylionhero: oh ok
angrylionhero: Donghae...I think this is enough confusion for one day
angrylionhero: *hugs Donghae*
superhaero: it is, my head hurts
superhaero: *cuddles*
angrylionhero: ^^
superhaero: I'm going to go lay down, and unconfuse myself
angrylionhero: ok
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
superhaero: You know where to find me if you want me~
angrylionhero: oh ok
superhaero: ;D
angrylionhero: ^^
ChangmintotheMax: Jae joong
angrylionhero: yeah
ChangmintotheMax: don't fall for his lies
angrylionhero: huh
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... i think donghae like you
princeofdisney: *hugs Rose randomly*
angrylionhero: oh good
angrylionhero: ^^
superhaero: what, lies? I'm not lying about anything
xPrincessRosexx: 0.0 ummm...thanks for the hugs *tries to reach for the replacement window*
princeofdisney: Marry me Princess
ChangmintotheMax: jae joong.. he only wants to get you in bed, but i would never do that to you
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... i don't think you should
angrylionhero: O.O
superhaero: I don't want him just for that!
angrylionhero: what?
angrylionhero: yeah Hae is nice
angrylionhero: he's a nice guy
ChangmintotheMax: i don't think you should sleep with someone outside of wedlock
angrylionhero: <.<
superhaero: I love Jae for the person he is!!
angrylionhero: taking lessons from Jongsoo again
superhaero: ....
ChangmintotheMax: YOU DON"T KNOW JAE LIKE I DO
angrylionhero: love me?
ChangmintotheMax: i mean....
ChangmintotheMax: get to know him better
superhaero: .....yeah >_>
ChangmintotheMax: before you use the word love
superhaero: I do know him! We've been friends since I was a trainee!
ChangmintotheMax: and jae... saranghae
angrylionhero: yeah
angrylionhero: O.O
angrylionhero: you
superhaero: .....
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... like a brother
angrylionhero: you do
angrylionhero: oh
angrylionhero: ok
angrylionhero: ^^
ChangmintotheMax: jae
ChangmintotheMax: ...
angrylionhero: yeah
xPrincessRosexx: marry you? o.o I'm not sure if I'm ready for comiment yet
xPrincessRosexx: but I'll keep it in mind
princeofdisney: oh comeon....I can show you the world
ChangmintotheMax: saranghae
angrylionhero: like a brother...ok
angrylionhero: Donghae have a nice nap
angrylionhero: I hope you feel less confused tommorow
xPrincessRosexx: the world...hmmm...
superhaero: it'll be nice if I dream about you~
angrylionhero: *blushes*
princeofdisney: Shining shimmering splendid
superhaero: *kisses Jae's cheek*
angrylionhero: ^______^
superhaero: <3!
angrylionhero: <3
xPrincessRosexx: well alright 9__9 I've never been married before
ChangmintotheMax: that's fine donghae... but who lives with him?
xPrincessRosexx: so ok
princeofdisney: YES!!!
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... i'll take care of him
angrylionhero: ....
superhaero: ...*makes note not to trust Changmin ever again*
ChangmintotheMax: i mean... have fun together
superhaero: I can take care of what's mine, Changmin ^^
superhaero: Good day~
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
superhaero has left the room.
ChangmintotheMax: i would never call you mine jae
ChangmintotheMax: i mean...
princeofdisney: Rose and I are getting married
ChangmintotheMax: i don't think you should take that
angrylionhero: ....umm ok
angrylionhero: oh and congrats
ChangmintotheMax: congradulations royalty will precail
xPrincessRosexx: thanks
ChangmintotheMax: prevail*
princeofdisney: I'm the happiest man alive. *does a sumersault*
angrylionhero: ....
xPrincessRosexx: >.> so when does the planning start?
princeofdisney: we can start today my love
princeofdisney: ^_^ lets go
xPrincessRosexx: alright
princeofdisney has left the room.
ChangmintotheMax: well maybe i'll go to bed now
ChangmintotheMax: good night oppa
ChangmintotheMax: i mean hyung
ChangmintotheMax has left the room.
angrylionhero: Wtf oppa....
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
angrylionhero: shouldn't you be following Brian?
xPrincessRosexx: oh yes well see ya ^^ *leaves*
xPrincessRosexx has left the room.
angrylionhero: man...I hate my life
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