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My first post here

Also Brian and Changmin was a couple once....somehow.

Brian the teacher: Contains Jaejoong bashing, something about Rogain and a great lesson for the family.


has entered the room.
xPrincessRosexx has entered the room.
xPrincessRosexx: hello
princeofdisney has entered the room.
angrylionhero: hiya
princeofdisney: *waves*
xPrincessRosexx: so, how is everyone this evening?
angrylionhero: I have Fluffy *holds up dog*
princeofdisney: ewww wtf that dog is missing some hair
angrylionhero: Fluffy is beautiful!!
xPrincessRosexx: your dog needs some rogian o.0
angrylionhero: >.<
angrylionhero: No he doesn't
xPrincessRosexx: but I guess...erm he is beautiful
angrylionhero: yes exactly
superhaero has entered the room.
princeofdisney: I think it's kinda creepy
superhaero: whats creepy?
angrylionhero: no one cares what you think, Brian
princeofdisney: T^T
angrylionhero: He's talking bad about my Fluffy
superhaero: aw!!
angrylionhero: Rose said he needed Rogain...
angrylionhero: >.<
princeofdisney: ...Maybe he can have hair plugs?
angrylionhero: I don't need your suggestions
princeofdisney: or weave...
xPrincessRosexx: but look at it, he only needs some more hair
angrylionhero: <.< my
angrylionhero: My fluffy is perfect the way he is
angrylionhero: Right Donghae ah
superhaero: you guys shouldn't discriminate just cause Fluffy looks different!
superhaero: And yeah, right~
angrylionhero: yeah!
angrylionhero: <3
superhaero: <3 ^__^
xPrincessRosexx: 9__9 so am I the bad guy now
princeofdisney: nah your cool
angrylionhero: >.>
superhaero: You shouldn't be mean about Fluffy! Jae loves him, and that's all that matters~
angrylionhero: Yes I love him very much
princeofdisney: ......
princeofdisney: Man you are easy
angrylionhero: <.<
xPrincessRosexx: >.< still a little would help, nawww nevermind
princeofdisney: *cough cough*
superhaero: who's easy?
princeofdisney: ummmm no one
princeofdisney: but JJ
angrylionhero: <.<
angrylionhero: >.<
superhaero: why is he easy?
angrylionhero: well at least I'm not showing everyone a whole new world
princeofdisney: .....Lets look at his history
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
angrylionhero: He's actually going to explain it all the way
angrylionhero: Like all professional like?
xPrincessRosexx: is there going to be a history lesson?
angrylionhero: Is this going to be on the final?
princeofdisney: Ahem
princeofdisney: Children be still
xPrincessRosexx: darn that means I'll have study *takes out a notebook*
princeofdisney: Now in the beginning Jaejoong went out with Yunho right?
angrylionhero: .....unfortunately.....
superhaero: .__.
princeofdisney: Then he broke up with him and went out with Donghae...
superhaero: >_>
princeofdisney: He slept with Donghae
superhaero: <_<
angrylionhero: yeah...Wait...HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT
princeofdisney: ....I know everything
xPrincessRosexx: hmmm intresting history lesson, should I write a report about it?
princeofdisney: I'm not done yet Rose
xPrincessRosexx: alright ^^
princeofdisney: pay attention to the class or you'll get a low grade for this semester
angrylionhero: >.>
angrylionhero: Jaejoong 101
princeofdisney: Ok so then Donghae and Jaejoong break up and ......Jaejoong goes on a date with Kangin
superhaero: .__.
angrylionhero: It was a horrible date
angrylionhero: or at least a very creepy one
superhaero: ;_;
princeofdisney: Lets not forget before hand Jongsoo was hitting on him between the Yunho stage and Donghae stage
angrylionhero: that doesn't count
superhaero: Jongsoo hits on everyone!
princeofdisney: Oh it does....It does
superhaero: I don't like being called a 'stage' ._.
angrylionhero: you weren't a stage Donghae ah
xPrincessRosexx: *writes down notes*
princeofdisney: So as you can see....Four people make him easy
superhaero: >_>
princeofdisney: or three if you are picky about Jongsoo
angrylionhero: ....How are you and Changmin?
princeofdisney: .....
superhaero: I don't think I like this history lesson, either ;_;
angrylionhero: You guys broke up didn't you
princeofdisney: maybe
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
angrylionhero: he said it was because you were a ho
princeofdisney: .....I'm only half a ho
princeofdisney: you're full fledged
angrylionhero: ......half a ho? ewww
angrylionhero: How can you have half a person
angrylionhero: that's kinda gross
superhaero: JJ isn't a ho!
xPrincessRosexx: hmmm..half a ho,so your only a partial ho
princeofdisney: Jongsoo said it.
princeofdisney: He said: JJ you da ho.
princeofdisney: There you go...he the ho
xPrincessRosexx: ...*writes down in big letters*
princeofdisney: ok pop quiz children
princeofdisney: Who is the ho
princeofdisney: any one know the answer?
lebuttinspecteur: 8D
princeofdisney: yes Yehsung
xPrincessRosexx: hmm I know *raises hand*
princeofdisney: Well hold on Rose
xPrincessRosexx: alright
princeofdisney: Do you have the answer Yehsung
lebuttinspecteur: Maybe
princeofdisney: well lets hear it
angrylionhero: Brian shouldn't be a teacher
angrylionhero: something about it is just wrong
xPrincessRosexx: I dunno he seems like a good teacher to me
princeofdisney: Silence JJ let the other students have a chance to answer
princeofdisney: Thank you rose...You get a kiss
princeofdisney: *kisses rose on the cheek*
angrylionhero: <.<
xPrincessRosexx: wow thanks
princeofdisney: So Yehsung what say you?
angrylionhero: Can I say this pop quiz sux
princeofdisney: no you can't points deducted on final grade
angrylionhero: >.<
xPrincessRosexx: >.>
xPrincessRosexx: tsk tsk
angrylionhero: shut up Rose you don't know my pain
lebuttinspecteur: I say me.
princeofdisney: Oh well you are right in your own respect
princeofdisney: but this is Jaejoong 101
princeofdisney: the answer would be Jaejoong in this respect
angrylionhero: >.<
superhaero: JJ isn't a hot! >_>
angrylionhero: I'll get you one day Brian
angrylionhero: I'm not hott?
superhaero: I meant ho
superhaero: you are hot!
superhaero: very hot!!
angrylionhero: ^^
princeofdisney: Ok next question
xPrincessRosexx: whoa a not hot insult >.<
superhaero: >.<
princeofdisney: Why did Jaejoong break up with Yunho?
angrylionhero: What kind of question is that
xPrincessRosexx: hmmm...
princeofdisney: I'll give you a hint it starts with an s
angrylionhero: >.>
superhaero: s?
princeofdisney: yes and sounds like six if said wrong
xPrincessRosexx: sex?
princeofdisney: correct
angrylionhero: That's not true!!!! You lie!
xPrincessRosexx: XD
princeofdisney: oh but I know
superhaero: ...JJ, you told me it was because you liked me
angrylionhero: It was
superhaero: ._.
angrylionhero: Brian is lying
princeofdisney: Oh because you are a ho you wanted more sex ne?
angrylionhero: Do you honestly have anything better to do than harrass me?
princeofdisney: no not really.
xPrincessRosexx: tsk ask
superhaero: >_>
princeofdisney: And besides I have nothing better to do
superhaero: is Brian really lying?
angrylionhero: yes he is
superhaero: really really?
superhaero: I wasn't just sex to you? ._.
angrylionhero: no you were more
angrylionhero: you were everything to me
superhaero: .....were?
angrylionhero: you are!
superhaero: oh
angrylionhero: you're ev-
xPrincessRosexx: you mean your not the type of person "tap it'?
princeofdisney: blah blah blah
superhaero: *blushes*
princeofdisney: That's it for Jaejoong we will have .... Joongsoo 101 and then Yehsung 101 tune in next time
angrylionhero: this isn't a tv show
princeofdisney: oh but it was....'
xPrincessRosexx: cool..
princeofdisney: and your mom was watching
angrylionhero: O.O
xPrincessRosexx: 0.o
angrylionhero: *hugs Donghae*
superhaero: ......*hugs back*
angrylionhero: ^_^
princeofdisney: Do I get a hug?
superhaero: not from me >_>
angrylionhero: XP
princeofdisney: ....
princeofdisney: Yehsung
princeofdisney: hug me
lebuttinspecteur: ...No.
princeofdisney: ....
princeofdisney: I had dreams
xPrincessRosexx: poor dreams
princeofdisney: now they have been trampled on and destroyed
princeofdisney: I loved you Yehsung
lebuttinspecteur: *shrugs*
angrylionhero: Yehsung? in the same sentence
xPrincessRosexx: whoa so much love here 9__9
angrylionhero: I know....
lebuttinspecteur: What's wrong with loving me?
angrylionhero: .....everything
superhaero: Yehsung! <3
lebuttinspecteur: ...
princeofdisney: I love you Yehsung...Now I know without your hug I will die
princeofdisney: -_-
angrylionhero: Do you really love, Yehsung?
princeofdisney: no....but it sounded more dramatic didn't it?
xPrincessRosexx: indeed
angrylionhero: you fail
xPrincessRosexx: <.<
princeofdisney: ....I win
angrylionhero: <.<
xPrincessRosexx: you get a contract
angrylionhero: for what?
xPrincessRosexx: to a soap opera
princeofdisney: SCORE
xPrincessRosexx: it'll be on be on one channel though....and that channel will Fox
angrylionhero: Then it won't get that much publicity
xPrincessRosexx: oops I meant it will be on Fox,with shows such as The Simpson and..
xPrincessRosexx: yea I know but its a start isn't it?
angrylionhero: .....It's perfect for him...
angrylionhero: Something probably no one would watch
angrylionhero: right up his alley
princeofdisney: >.>
angrylionhero: Maybe their should be a Brian 101
princeofdisney: Don't steal my ideas....
xPrincessRosexx: will I credits in that class
princeofdisney: Ok so maybe they aren't my ideas
princeofdisney: but still
angrylionhero: You'll get credits in every class Rose
angrylionhero: even Yehsung 101
angrylionhero: which is probably the most complex of all the classes
xPrincessRosexx: wow ^^
angrylionhero: He's the supreme ho
princeofdisney: That's like some type of rank
angrylionhero: oh yeah
xPrincessRosexx: there show be ranking chart
lebuttinspecteur: wait what
lebuttinspecteur: there's going to be a class on me?
princeofdisney: yeah
lebuttinspecteur: ...Sweet.
princeofdisney: I will teach it with my new teaching degree
angrylionhero: admit it that thing is fake
princeofdisney: ...So what if I got it off the internet
princeofdisney: so what if I had to scratch out someone elses name
princeofdisney: I got myself a teaching degree
lebuttinspecteur: ...Isn't that like, illegal?
princeofdisney: maybe....
princeofdisney: If it never saw me
angrylionhero: oh I saw you
princeofdisney: If I go down you go down with me JJ
angrylionhero: ....So
xPrincessRosexx: <.< uh oh your going down
princeofdisney: I wonder how Jail will be like for a guy who looks....
angrylionhero: enough said
angrylionhero: I didn't see you
princeofdisney: So anyway, yes. I am a teacher
princeofdisney: Rose you get full marks...
princeofdisney: Yehsung You did well
xPrincessRosexx: I'm so proud of myself
princeofdisney: Donghae you did alright .
princeofdisney: Jaejoong...
angrylionhero: yeah?
princeofdisney: YOU FAIL
angrylionhero: wtf
angrylionhero: How can I fail a class about myself
superhaero: Brian, I didn't participate in your class :/
princeofdisney: ....
princeofdisney: Ok you fail too
superhaero: how can I fail if I wasn't part of it?
princeofdisney: You both fail together
superhaero: people can only fail if they participated
princeofdisney: Silence I am the authority
superhaero: which I did not
superhaero: no
angrylionhero: He's gone mad with power
superhaero: what power?
angrylionhero: imaginary power
superhaero: -_-
xPrincessRosexx: >.>
lebuttinspecteur: Yeah I didn't really participate neither...
lebuttinspecteur: But okay.
superhaero: I think its really mean, creating a class about Jae's personal life! And calling him a ho.
angrylionhero: yeah you got a good grade so of course you don't mind
princeofdisney: huh...I think it was cool

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