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Jong Soo finds out about the truth. Jaejoong and Hankyung starts a club. Very odd log.
note: Han & Jae are somehow friends... don't ask 8D;;

You have just entered room "kcrack."
bejingfriedrice: hello
Teukkie Teuk: hii
bejingfriedrice: teukie ^^
ChangmintotheMax: Who likes the dog I got the Jae hyung?
angrylionhero: O.O
angrylionhero: It was you?
angrylionhero: You gave me my Fluffy?
angrylionhero: <3
superhaero has entered the room.
angrylionhero: Changmin thank you for fluffy
bejingfriedrice: donghae~
superhaero: hannie~
bejingfriedrice: how was your day?~
superhaero: um, ok. yours?
ChangmintotheMax: Well, I gave you the dog, because I have come to the conclusion that Brian does not love me conclusively
bejingfriedrice: hrm ok too i guess
angrylionhero: oh?
angrylionhero: What Brian isn't making you happy?
superhaero: yay~
superhaero: Teukkie~!
Teukkie Teuk: dong hae ~
superhaero: how're you?
Teukkie Teuk: meh, you?
superhaero: aw! *hugs* what's up?
ChangmintotheMax: no, he isn't hyung
Teukkie Teuk: meh just the stuff with junsu and yehsung. I know I shouldnt feel bad since well i slept with kangin but I still do and its stupid
superhaero: oh! poor Teukkie! ;__;
angrylionhero: You sleeped with Kangin?
superhaero: why is everyone so unlucky in love lately? T_T
angrylionhero: sleept*
angrylionhero: slept*
Teukkie Teuk: why do you sound so surprised?
Teukkie Teuk: I slept with him a few weeks ago I think
Teukkie Teuk: yeah
angrylionhero: I guess I forgot or didn't remember it
Teukkie Teuk: oh well slept with him
ChangmintotheMax has left the room.
EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
Teukkie Teuk: did it before all of this even happened
Teukkie Teuk: o_O
Teukkie Teuk: how did you know?
angrylionhero: WTH
EaglerrEyes: I've been secretly watching the chat
angrylionhero: You came out of nowhere
Teukkie Teuk: exactlu o.O
Teukkie Teuk: and yeah I did
Teukkie Teuk: before you even came along
Teukkie Teuk: so you dont even have the right to be mad because I did not spoke to you when I did
EaglerrEyes: so sad
Teukkie Teuk: why?
Teukkie Teuk: I am twenty four
Teukkie Teuk: a guy
Teukkie Teuk: kangin best friend
Teukkie Teuk: we slept together
EaglerrEyes: All the love you have shown to me has been tainted
Teukkie Teuk: dont tell me you never had sex with someone
EaglerrEyes: Never.
Teukkie Teuk: why has it been tainted? :S
EaglerrEyes: I only flirted until you came along
Teukkie Teuk: yeah well I slept with kangin before you came along
EaglerrEyes: I was waiting for true love, and i thought that was you
Teukkie Teuk: oh and just sex changes that?
Teukkie Teuk: doesnt change who I am you know
EaglerrEyes: Were you protected?
Teukkie Teuk: duh
EaglerrEyes: Then I shall forgive you this time... if...
Teukkie Teuk: if what?
EaglerrEyes: If you will marry me.
bejingfriedrice: ...
Teukkie Teuk: I am twenty four
Teukkie Teuk: and you are asking me to marryu you through an ultimatum
Teukkie Teuk: thats not exactly romantic now is it?
angrylionhero: He's been asking you to marry him for a while now
angrylionhero: .....lucky
superhaero: o_O
angrylionhero: Lucky to have someone who loves him that much
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
angrylionhero: Jongsoo is ewww
Teukkie Teuk: he hasnt even met me and he wants to marry me
EaglerrEyes has entered the room.
EaglerrEyes: All of my lifeThat I've known youI knew you were for meYou always knew what to sayAnd just how to beYou made sureI was always safeWould never let me fallAlways there when I needed youEven when I didn't call
EaglerrEyes: You've loved meFrom the beginningAnd I've loved you just as longAnd whenever I am with youNothing ever goes wrongI'm so glad I have youHere in my lifeAnd my world will be completeOnce I become your life
Teukkie Teuk: Jongsoo you meet me first, you go see my bad fucking moods first and then decide if you still want to marry me
EaglerrEyes: Eeteuk I wrote this poem for you
bejingfriedrice: ..................................
angrylionhero: He likes to writes poems doesn't he
EaglerrEyes: I do not care if you are angry, sad, or always happy. I'll always be here for you with love.
angrylionhero: ...*misses Changmin*
Teukkie Teuk: you havent even goddamn seen me jongsoo
Teukkie Teuk: you barely know me and you want to marry me? You really have bad timing because I am in a mood aswell, I am sorry.
Teukkie Teuk: Dong hae is there still icecream/
Teukkie Teuk: and I need leo and kate
superhaero: ummmmm yes there is icecream!
superhaero: if Sungmin didn't eat it all already
EaglerrEyes: kate and leopald?
superhaero: he's talking about Titanic!!
bejingfriedrice: donghae
angrylionhero: Oh Titanic
angrylionhero: *hums the song*
superhaero: hannie?
bejingfriedrice: stop watching that movie 5 times a day >.>
angrylionhero: I love that movie
superhaero: I don't watch it that much!!
superhaero: it was only 4 times today
bejingfriedrice: ...
superhaero: what, that's not alot!
Teukkie Teuk: I was talking about titanic
superhaero: and its a good movie!
EaglerrEyes: oh... sorry.. i guess i shall go now
EaglerrEyes: but my love ad my heart will forever be with you, Eeteuk.
EaglerrEyes: I'm sorry. bye.
EaglerrEyes has left the room.
superhaero: wow....that was strange
bejingfriedrice: for once
bejingfriedrice: im glad my korean is limited
superhaero: lucky!
bejingfriedrice: so i didn't attempt
bejingfriedrice: to read that poem
superhaero: neither did I
superhaero: and I know korean
Teukkie Teuk: I am gonna go
bejingfriedrice: teuk ><;;
superhaero: *hugs Teukkie!*
bejingfriedrice: are you ok?
superhaero: you can borrow my copy of Titanic!
bejingfriedrice: *pets*
Teukkie Teuk: no I am not but I will be dont worry
Teukkie Teuk: I am your leader afterall ^______________^
superhaero: <33!
bejingfriedrice: <3!
Teukkie Teuk: <3333333
Teukkie Teuk has left the room.
superhaero: yay for romance?! :/
bejingfriedrice: :/
bejingfriedrice: *sits and read a magazine*
superhaero: *looks over Hannie's shoulder*
superhaero: what're you reaaading?
bejingfriedrice: hrm....
bejingfriedrice: DONGHAE
bejingfriedrice: THAT IS US
bejingfriedrice: AT A PHOTOSHOOT
bejingfriedrice: DONGHAE
bejingfriedrice: ARE YOU SURE THAT'S
bejingfriedrice: TITANIC
bejingfriedrice: OR
bejingfriedrice: A SEX TAPE?
superhaero: :OOO I don't have any sex tapes!
superhaero: Of course its Titanic! it's my favourite movie ever
bejingfriedrice: lies...
bejingfriedrice: yehsunf told me everything ;D
superhaero: no its true! Go watch it!
bejingfriedrice: *G
superhaero: wtf, Yehsung knows nothing
superhaero: its Titanic!
superhaero: Or it was last time I watched it!
bejingfriedrice: but this *hold magazine* is not porn >.>
bejingfriedrice: it's a copy of that one photoshoot shinhwa had in the philipines
bejingfriedrice: it's pretty old
superhaero: it looked like porn to me!
bejingfriedrice: it's because you're so innocent hae~
superhaero: >_>
bejingfriedrice: well maybe not that innocent but
bejingfriedrice: but yeah
superhaero: I'm not innocent ._.
bejingfriedrice: ....
bejingfriedrice: i take everything back
superhaero: wait....that doesn't sound good either though!
bejingfriedrice: donghae
bejingfriedrice: make up your mind ><;;
superhaero: can I be in the middle?
bejingfriedrice: sure thingy!
bejingfriedrice: um...
bejingfriedrice: youre....
superhaero: don't worry, it hurts you to speak korean, I know what you mean :33
bejingfriedrice: ><;;
bejingfriedrice: im glad you do
bejingfriedrice: i get teased for my lack of korean so much xD
superhaero: *hugs*
bejingfriedrice: *hugs back*
superhaero: I know, everyone finds it so funny when you do
bejingfriedrice: haha
bejingfriedrice: yes but i also laugh when you guys attempt chinese
superhaero: I know
superhaero: ~
superhaero: still, our chinese is better than your korean~!
bejingfriedrice: aiish >>;;
superhaero: *pets!*
bejingfriedrice: *sits and quietly is petted*
superhaero: you're so nice Hannie~
bejingfriedrice: thank you ^o^
bejingfriedrice: and you're pretty ~
bejingfriedrice: i saw that top 100 list thing
superhaero: pretty? noooo I'm not the pretty one!
bejingfriedrice: um...
bejingfriedrice: cute?
superhaero: aw you think so? *squishes*
superhaero: thanks~
bejingfriedrice: *is squished*
bejingfriedrice: welcome~
superhaero: you're pretty though!
bejingfriedrice: no im not xD
bejingfriedrice: i just cook for 12 hugry people
superhaero: yessss~
superhaero: you're still pretty! sssh
bejingfriedrice: ><;;
bejingfriedrice: ahh
bejingfriedrice: not compared to you guys!
superhaero: yes!!!
angrylionhero: I think your pretty
superhaero: see? listen to Jae!
superhaero: he knows what pretty is :33
angrylionhero: yeah
angrylionhero: ^^
superhaero: because he's pretty too~
angrylionhero: ^______________________________^
angrylionhero: I know
bejingfriedrice: -.-
bejingfriedrice: fine
superhaero: accept it!
bejingfriedrice: only a little bit!
superhaero: a lot!
superhaero: one of the prettiest, I think :33
bejingfriedrice: a bit!
bejingfriedrice: no no
superhaero: yes!
bejingfriedrice: there pretty people out there that would put me to shame
bejingfriedrice: *they're
superhaero: nope~ none are as nice or as good a cook as well though~
bejingfriedrice: theres..
bejingfriedrice: jae
superhaero: but he doesn't make bejing fried rice!
bejingfriedrice: ><;;
superhaero: <3~
superhaero: just accept it! you know I'm right :3
bejingfriedrice: fine!
bejingfriedrice: just because you're donghae <3
superhaero: awww yay!! <3 *more hugs!*
angrylionhero: meph
superhaero: Jae~
angrylionhero: yesh
superhaero: hi!!
bejingfriedrice: *hugs back*
bejingfriedrice: jaejoong~
angrylionhero: yes?
angrylionhero: hiya hae
bejingfriedrice: ...
bejingfriedrice: welcome back?
angrylionhero: yay thankies
angrylionhero: ^_^
superhaero: how're you Jae~?
angrylionhero: fine
superhaero: oh good! ^____^
angrylionhero: yeah
angrylionhero: Fluffy and I are good
superhaero: oh thats good!
angrylionhero: yesh it is
angrylionhero: does that mean I get rice now?
bejingfriedrice: jae sure thing ^^
bejingfriedrice: *skips off to make rice*
angrylionhero: ^^
angrylionhero: *loves his rice*
bejingfriedrice: xD
bejingfriedrice: *hands jae some rice*
bejingfriedrice: ^o^ it's been imporving ever since su said u cooked badly
bejingfriedrice: *i
angrylionhero: Oh really
angrylionhero: *eats up* ^________________________^
bejingfriedrice: uh huh!
bejingfriedrice: i've been trying my best
bejingfriedrice: it's just i get burned sometimes but it's all ok~
angrylionhero: ohhhh poor Hankyung
angrylionhero: Are you hurt?
bejingfriedrice: no no it's fine really!
bejingfriedrice: i bandaged them up and put medcine on it
angrylionhero: Are you sure
angrylionhero: *worried worried*
bejingfriedrice: no no im sure jaejoong dont worry!
angrylionhero: Oh ok....I just worry for you
bejingfriedrice: youre a kind friend ^^
angrylionhero: ^^ thank you
bejingfriedrice: so do you plan going solo after your break jae?
bejingfriedrice: you do have  nice voice ^^
angrylionhero: I guess
angrylionhero: my break?
bejingfriedrice: um
bejingfriedrice: your break with dongbang
bejingfriedrice: -.-;; my korean is so....
angrylionhero: O.o
angrylionhero: my break with Dongbang when did I say that?
bejingfriedrice: wait
bejingfriedrice: didnt you break away
bejingfriedrice: after
bejingfriedrice: the yoosu thing
angrylionhero: yeah
bejingfriedrice: or now are you back together?
bejingfriedrice: so i asked you about the whole solo thing
angrylionhero: Oh we aren't together but I don't think they miss me
bejingfriedrice: ahhh
angrylionhero: -_-
bejingfriedrice: it's ok
bejingfriedrice: you have friends and such ^^
bejingfriedrice: minnie even gave you a doggie!
angrylionhero: That's true
angrylionhero: ^_^
angrylionhero: maybe things are looking up
angrylionhero: but I still don't have a bf
angrylionhero: -_-
bejingfriedrice: well im sure you will soon!
angrylionhero: I hope so
bejingfriedrice: you know so
bejingfriedrice: ^^
angrylionhero: *sighs*
angrylionhero: I hope it happens soon
angrylionhero: I'm lonely
bejingfriedrice: jae
bejingfriedrice: *hugs*
angrylionhero: *hugs back*
angrylionhero: T^T
bejingfriedrice: you wont be lonely
bejingfriedrice: i know someone wil' be there for you
angrylionhero: who?
bejingfriedrice: i dont know but if i did i would tell you
angrylionhero: Oh
angrylionhero: well then ok
angrylionhero: *huggles Hankyung*
bejingfriedrice: *huggles jae*
bejingfriedrice: this is nice ^o^ winter time in korea is brutal
angrylionhero: I guess it is
angrylionhero: *snuggles*
bejingfriedrice: *is snuggled*
angrylionhero: You should invest in a large coat.
bejingfriedrice: haha
bejingfriedrice: jae i dont as much money as the others ^^
angrylionhero: oh well then I'll be your coat
bejingfriedrice: thanks jae ^o^
bejingfriedrice: that's very kind of you
bejingfriedrice: *pets*
angrylionhero: *purrs*
bejingfriedrice: ^o^
bejingfriedrice: everyone purrs
bejingfriedrice: it's nice
angrylionhero: I know we are all kittys
bejingfriedrice: haha
angrylionhero: so how are you and your love intereasts
bejingfriedrice: um i really dont have any anymore?
bejingfriedrice: all i worry about know is everyone getting along and for junsu to have his baby soon >.>
angrylionhero: oh he had his baby
angrylionhero: It's a girl
bejingfriedrice: really?
angrylionhero: yeah
bejingfriedrice: oh dear ><;;
angrylionhero: they named her Sunnie
bejingfriedrice: i missed that then
angrylionhero: So did I
angrylionhero: They told me about it
angrylionhero: poor Hankyung has no love interest
angrylionhero: and here I am with no one either
angrylionhero: we should start a club
bejingfriedrice: haha
angrylionhero: yeah
bejingfriedrice: a club xD
angrylionhero: It will be great
bejingfriedrice: but what will the club be called?
angrylionhero: and you can teach me how to cook and I can tell you beauty tips
bejingfriedrice: haha
angrylionhero: hmmm
bejingfriedrice: that would be nice
angrylionhero: I have no idea
angrylionhero: ....
angrylionhero: we coold name it the single club?
angrylionhero: or the we got no one club
angrylionhero: We have nothing better to do club
bejingfriedrice: jae
bejingfriedrice: it all sounds so
bejingfriedrice: dpressing
angrylionhero: ok....
angrylionhero: The bffl club
bejingfriedrice: that stand for?
angrylionhero: best friends for life
bejingfriedrice: thats sounds nice
angrylionhero: ^_^
bejingfriedrice: i've never been in clubs really before
angrylionhero: now you are
bejingfriedrice: well it's a nice feeling
angrylionhero: ^^
angrylionhero: *hugs* you are welcomed here
bejingfriedrice: *hugs back*
angrylionhero: ^^
angrylionhero: I lub you
angrylionhero: not love
angrylionhero: lub
bejingfriedrice: i lub you too
angrylionhero: ^^
bejingfriedrice: ^o^
angrylionhero: so ummm how did you get to be such a good cook?
bejingfriedrice: well let's see
bejingfriedrice: in bejing during my ballet training and living there i learned from my mother and cooks at resturants
angrylionhero: Oh I see
angrylionhero: Are you lonely here in Korea?
bejingfriedrice: well kind of
bejingfriedrice: but i got to know many people ^^
angrylionhero: That's nice
angrylionhero: If you ever feel lonely you can talk to me
bejingfriedrice: thanks jae ^^
angrylionhero: ^^
angrylionhero: *takes out Fluffy*
angrylionhero: Fluffy is in the club too
bejingfriedrice: *pets him*
bejingfriedrice: better not let yehsung get to him
angrylionhero: yeah
angrylionhero: he might eat my fluffy
bejingfriedrice: he will i think...
bejingfriedrice: knowing him
angrylionhero: T^T
angrylionhero: I love my fluffy
bejingfriedrice: it's ok jae
angrylionhero: Yehsung is a meanie head
bejingfriedrice: yes yes he is
bejingfriedrice: but i love him xD
bejingfriedrice: like i love all of suju
angrylionhero: do you love me?
bejingfriedrice: of course i do?
angrylionhero: ^__________________________________^
angrylionhero: *is loved*
bejingfriedrice: ^o^

and that's the end of that... we're dieing D: get on purples!

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